About Stone and Stang

tone and Stang is a spiritual gathering for men-who-love-men of diverse pagan and alternative spiritual paths. Held every other year, Stone and Stang is a safe haven for us to gather, share sacred space, experience ritual, expand our learning and grow together as a tribe. As we connect with the land and with one another, we deepen our understanding of ourselves and our craft.

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Bridging the Physical and Spiritual Worlds

Date: Friday, October 7 – Monday, October 10th, 2016

Location: The Santa Cruz Mountains (Exact location will be given to registrants upon confirmation)

Our theme for 2016 centers around the core of shamanism, our ability to reach into the spiritual world and bring lore and magic into the physical world. As Men Who Love Men, we have our own unique gifts we bring to this plane and to shamanic practice.
Our goal is that participants will leave the weekend with a renewed sense of community and a powerful charge to use shamanic magic to communicate with the spiritual world and improve the physical world we all share.

More announcements are on the horizon such as submitting proposals for workshops and rituals, registration information, lodging information, etc.


Stone and Stang was founded in 2013 by Hyperion and the brothers of the Unnamed Path with the desire to create an annual event to act as a spiritual hub for men-who-love-men on the West Coast. We sought to create a pagan event that encouraged gay and bisexual men to embrace their power, expand their spirituality beyond the conventional, and grow into a spiritual tribe that extends beyond tradition or geographic boundaries.

Too many pagan conventions or gatherings around the country either trapped participants in the sterile halls of a hotel convention center, or required long drives out into the countryside with no connection to civilization for days on end. We wanted to find the ideal place where we could bond with nature, access civilization if needed, and with an easy location in terms of travel.

In Spring of 2012, we found a location in the hills above the San Fernando Valley. Pulling together their resources, the brothers of the Unnamed Path reserved the property, discussed their plans with other men-who-love-men in the pagan community, and the response was amazing. Witches, shamans, druids, magicians, healers, spiritualists, energy workers and men of diverse spiritual paths stepped up and organized their efforts to give workshops, rituals, presentations and hands-on training at Stone and Stang. The event turned out to be a tremendous weekend of mystery, togetherness and power that created many memories!

2014 moved Stone and Stang to the Santa Cruz Mountains in Northern California. Surrounded by towering redwood and pine trees, men from all over the United States explored issues of self worth, self Love, and self expression as men-who-love-men in the 21st Century

The Present

Stone and Stang 2014 will be held in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.

Stone and Stang 2014 will be held in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Photo (c) Susan Gilliland

In 2014, the Brothers of the Unnamed Path decided to make Stone and Stang a Biennial (every other year) event. We are excited to return to the Santa Cruz Mountain in 2016 Currently, the event planning is in full swing. We anticipate that event registration and reservations for lodging accommodations mid-Aprill. We will also be looking for presenters who are willing to share their experience with other men-who-love-men in the form of workshops, presentations, rituals and performances. Stone and Stang takes place the weekend of October 7rd – 10th, 2016.

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