Accommodations include outdoor camping, dormitory (pictured here), and semi-private spaces.

Accommodations include outdoor camping, indoor shared (pictured here), and semi-private spaces. Photo (c) Susan Gilliland



Lodging for Stone and Stang 2018  includes camping and indoor shared options.

Camping rates: $40 a night, 36 sites with access to 2 outhouses below by medicine wheel, 5 sites with compost toilets by Tipi Village, plus 4 sites at Guest House. Approx 45 camp sites with others pending. Additional firewood fee of $5 may apply, depending on use.  All our camp sites have been hand cut & cleared and are unique as those who camp.

Dorm rate: $70.00 pp per night, $100.00 per couple sharing one bed (there is one full sized bunk i.e. two full sized mattresses.) Accommodations for 14-18 people. Access to one indoor bathroom w/shower and tub and access to the outdoor bathhouse with three additional showers and two toilets.

Tipi lodging

Tent lodging

The Grand Tent: Located in the Tent Village, the Grand Tent is very close to the parking area and accessible from multiple paths – a 7-minute walk to the main event areas. This area of the property has its merits in its quiet seclusion and rustic simplicity. A bit off the beaten path, there are several campsites and one outhouse overlooking the creek plus a composting toilet/outhouse. A place for peaceful contemplation and getting away from it all.

The tent can be sleep as many as 6 people. One must provide ones own mats, towels, and bedding as this is very rustic: $55.00 a night pp,

There are two additional tents-1 14 ft that will sleep 1-2 people, and 1 16ft that will accommodate 4-5 people they will rent for $55.00 per person per day.

You provide your own towels, bedding and provisions. Outhouse nearby and compost toilet/ bathroom. There is a seasonal creek in which to cool off as well. You use the showers at the guesthouse. There is parking on the side of the road and in the lot adjacent to the Tent Village.

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